Divento Financials Academy

Divento Financials Academy

Offering young people access to invaluable financial trading experience.

One of the Passion Project's goals is to ‘change perceptions and change lives’. This is based on an ethos of highlighting the positive impact the City of London has, and can have, on a wider community, in order to enable more young people access to trainers with high level expertise. An initiative run by Divento, the Passion Project's latest partner, embodies this ethos.

Divento Financials Ltd is a forward-thinking trading company located in the heart of the City. Founded in 2008, Divento has become a reliable source of knowledge within the industry, with a highly experienced management team and a focus on the development of their staff. Divento means ‘to become’ in Italian, a sentiment which mirrors their belief in potential and self-development – something they actively encourage.

From their training centre, located within a live trading floor, Divento Academy runs regular intensive training courses where young people receive hands-on financial trading tuition from a knowledgeable and experienced team. Their teaching approach is based on practical implementation to achieve professional competence, with students getting to trade a multitude of financial asset classes, on live priced markets. The courses offer a tailored level of education that is fast becoming the recognised ‘Gold Standard’ of education within the financial Futures sector. The experience their students gain enables them a strong foothold in the industry. This understanding, coupled with an accredited Level 5 Diploma qualification, (and soon to be launched Level 4 Diploma) prepares students for the world of financial trading in a way that goes way beyond that of theoretical studying.

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