Film Unit

The Film Unit

Training young people at risk of offending through an inspiring, cutting-edge approach towards acting and production for TV & Film.

The Film Unit’s mission is to provide an inspiring, cutting-edge approach towards the education of TV & Film acting, writing, camera and direction for 16-25+ year olds from inner-city areas of London, creating an environment where young people from all backgrounds can flourish and collaborate together.

The Unit trains disengaged young people who are at risk of offending, through an inspiring, cutting edge approach towards acting and production for TV & Film and is delivered in partnership with the Crib, Mill-Co and Otesha Project and the support of Trust for London Moving On Up. The Unit also aims to attract and sign up some of the biggest names in within the UK film industry to act as patrons for the project and generate a high profile from the outset. Passion Project Ambassador Ben Drew (A.k.a. Plan B) is the first of these patrons and will provide an hour or two of his time a term to offer invaluable advice and guidance to the pupils.

Tutors at the Film Unit have an extensive background in filmmaking, teaching young people invaluable lessons about collaboration, lateral thinking, resourcefulness, self-reliance, focus and hard work over year long courses with the impetus on creating future film-makers who have something worth saying. Opportunities to showcase their talents are to be given to pupils, with the best films shown annually at a local cinema, giving those who apply themselves a chance to gain a foothold in the industry.

A pilot programme, led by filmmakers Colin O’Toole and Martin Serene, is already underway with the London Fields Ride Out Squad.

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