Five-0 Band

Five-O Band

The groundbreaking music and events programme encouraging young people and the police to work together.

FOB brings together a cross-sector partnership to deliver a groundbreaking music, events, personal development and vocational learning programme, that provides a neutral environment for young people and the police to engage, break down barriers, challenge misconceptions, dispel negative stereotypes and build positive relationships together.

The Voice winner, Jermain Jackman, launched FOB at Boroughs United 2012, Hackney Empire. Since then, the project has engaged over 5,000 people, through public workshops and events. 24 young volunteers have participated in, and helped to develop, the FOB learning programme. Each of whom are currently in education, employment or training and many remain as Peer Mentors to the project.

FOB offers a range of partnership opportunities for organisations to participate and support, including:

  • Refer young beneficiaries
  • Support delivery the learning programme
  • Provide workshop and rehearsal space
  • Provide performance opportunities
  • Provide employment, education and training progression pathways

Current delivery partners include: The Crib, Mill Co Project, British DJ & MC Academy and Metropolitan Police. With the support of Newham Borough Commander, Tony Nash, we're about to embark on a 12-week pilot in Newham, Hackney and Waltham Forest.

The pilot will seek to:

  • Encourage and support 45 young beneficiaries, with an interest in music, live performance, production, event management and film making, (regardless of level of knowledge and experience) to develop skills that will enable them to:
    • Improve their employability opportunities
    • Reduce and prevent offending and antisocial behaviour
    • Increase their abilities to make safe, responsible and respectful choices
    • Demonstrate improved resistance skills
    • Become productive citizens and agents of social change
  • Provide pathways for young people to exit gang affiliation
  • Dismantle barriers and challenge misconceptions and negative stereotypes young people and the police often face with each other
  • Increase young people's trust and confidence in the police
  • Build positive relationships between young people and the police for the immediate and long term benefit of the communities in which we all live

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