Fundraising for DIVERT

Fundraising for DIVERT

The programme diverting young people away from crime and into employment.

We are delighted to announce our first crowdfunding campaign run from our new fundraising platform Alchemy. The campaign will help raise vital funds for the groundbreaking DIVERT programme, which helps young offenders transform their lives by diverting them from reoffending and into employment.

The programme, run by the Metropolitan Police Service, and assisted by the Passion Project and Milestone Foundation, has already undertaken a successful pilot in Brixton. Together are working to change the way that the criminal justice system handles young offenders for good. We believe that many young people need support and access to opportunities in order to avoid repeat offending and that DIVERT is the solution.

DIVERT focuses on engaging young people at the point of police detention, helping them to recognise that alternative options are available and offering them the support and guidance they need to find sustainable employment.

In one year, DIVERT has engaged with 116 young adults, 38 of which are now in training or employment.

This vital fundraising campaign will enable the programme to expand to four other police custody sites across London, helping more young people into rewarding careers.

You can get involved here:

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