Give Youth A Chance

Give Youth A Chance

Using the Power of Football, Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) works in partnership with local communities to empower individuals to improve their lives and the environment they live in.

What is Give Youth a Chance?

Give Youth a Chance is an exciting new initiative created by CACT that, in a climate where young people are often struggling to find employment opportunities, looks to help support them into meaningful work opportunities.

As part of Give Youth a Chance, CACT provides young people with a number of skills and is unique in the way it brings together the public, private and voluntary sectors. As part of the programme CACT offers young people the following:

  1. Mentoring opportunities
  2. Soft skills training
  3. Volunteering
  4. Work experience
  5. Apprenticeships
  6. Part-time employment
  7. Full-time employment

How can you help?

Each year the Trust delivers educational courses to hundreds of students and young people, many of whom have struggled with mainstream education and are in need of direction, support and training to help towards gaining employment opportunities. CACT spent £962,000 last year on education projects and is looking for partners and companies to help CACT address the problems around youth unemployment.


About CACT

The community programme at Charlton Athletic Football Club was established in 1992 and became The Charlton Athletic Community Trust in 2003. Affectionately known as CACT, it is famed for its work in its local communities and has scooped numerous prestigious industry awards over recent years. CACT is regarded as one of the biggest football related charities in the UK that employs over 100 permanent staff, over 200 casual coaches and engages with approximately 10,000 people on a weekly basis. CACT runs 7 main strands of work:

  1. Youth service
  2. Education
  3. Football and sports development
  4. Health
  5. Disability and mental health
  6. Social inclusion
  7. Equality and diversity

CACT can boast groundbreaking projects and in 2011 became the first football charity to run a local council's youth service provision. In 2013 CACT was named the Football League Community Club of the year and in 2014 they won the Beyond Sport Global Award for Community Team of the Year.

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