Lord Patel

Lord Patel: Man of the Year

Lord Patel of Bradford receives award for consistent high achievement.

Congratulations are in order for our Trustee, Lord Kamlesh Patel of Bradford, who has been named the thirty-sixth most influential Asian in 2015 and been presented with the Man of the Year award for consistent high achievement. The annual awards ceremony, presented by GG2, celebrates the most influential Asians in the country and pays tribute to their services within a wide range of industries.

Raised in Bradford, Lord Patel built his reputation in the social sector, fast becoming a leading voice on drug use, health, and social care. His work for the Centre for Ethnicity and Health, based on a model of increased community engagement, helped transform the face of drugs policy and bettered thousands of lives. It is this will to help people that he cites as his passion – one that gives him the focus and drive to push on with his work of building and developing safer communities.

With extensive experience working at the highest levels on national and international developments in government policy across a wide range of areas, Lord Patel is a leading advisory figure in health, social care, crime, community cohesion, extremism, mental health, drug and alcohol use, equality and human rights, and higher education. It's through his role as a Lord, improving and scrutinising legislation, as well as a series of other significant appointments, that he can wield his considerable influence to continue to positively affect lives.

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