Partner Focus: FSNF

Working with the Financial Services Negotiation Forum to develop apprenticeship frameworks in financial services

The Foundation are excited to announce a new partnership with the Financial Services Negotiations Forum (FSNF). Together we will seek to identify opportunities for the development of new and intelligent apprenticeship frameworks within the financial services sector.

The FSNF is a not-for-profit organisation set up to unite the financial services community after Brexit. They bring together financial service practitioners from both sides of the referendum debate and proactively seeks contributions from market participants of all sizes and sectors. Their goal is to provide negotiators with the information necessary to maximise their effectiveness at the negotiating table.

“We are pleased to work hand-in-hand with the Milestone Foundation to support the next generation of apprentices in the financial services sector and leave a legacy of talent for the future.” – Stephen Talbot, Director of FSNF

We will work with the FSNF to develop recruitment and engagement strategies to attract more young people into the sector as well as carrying out research to understand the implications of Brexit and its potential impact on young people.

Kevin Everett, Chairman of the Milestone Foundation said: “The Milestone Foundation are so pleased to be the charity of choice on this exciting collaboration that puts the Financial Services sector at the forefront of identifying hidden talent, promoting and increasing apprenticeships and employability opportunities to the communities surrounding the City of London.”

To find out more about FSNF visit their website at: www.fsnf.uk

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